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Mackenzie Ice Hockey has a good stock of equipment, which is available for hire for the season, on a first in first served basis.

This offer is only available to our young Club members  U12, U15 & U18 (registered and subscription paid)    

There are some Senior sets available to be hired per session, but not for the season.    

You can place an order for the items you require online, at the same time as you register or later by login into Club hub as a current member.

Register and book your equipment online and early via Clubhub login, which you can collect before the first training session. Thank you! 


$6.00 per item   


Hire fee payable online (preferred);
Equipment  can be picked up and tried at the first 2 session and during the  OPENING DAY or later by arrangement with the Equipment manager or one of the Grade managers.
Following is a list of items available for hire. 
The Club expects members to take good care of the equipment and may charge (up  to the value of each item) for wilfully damaged or lost gear.
Equipment Hire Fee
Helmet $6.00 per season
Gloves $6.00 per season
Shin Pads $6.00 per season
Shoulder Pads $6.00 per season
Elbow Pads $6.00 per season
Socks $6.00 per season
Pants $6.00 per season
Bag Free of Charge $0.00 per season
Stick For Purchase $45.00
Neck Guard for purchase $30.00
Neck Guards: are compulsory and can be purchased from the club. 
Sticks: can either be purchased from the club.
Please note: Skates are not included.
Either bring your own, or you can hire them per session from Lake Tekapo Springs for a small fee.