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Registration for 2021 is now open

Please note: All new and existing members MUST register for 2021 season!


Grades for 2021 

The age groups and grades are updated for the 2021 season as followed:

U12 Kiwi - all children under the age of 12. This is the fun introduction to skating, playing and learning ice hockey for our young kids or for kids who wish not to participate in the Souther League tournament.

U12 Atoms - all children under the age of 12. This is a new grade called 'Atoms' designed to give the youngsters a gentle introduction to tournaments with an exciting and fun format.

U15 - all children aged 12 and under 15. this is for our kids that play and represent the 'Peewee Bull Tahrs' at tournaments throughout the season.

U18 - all young people aged 15 and under 18. This is for our older kids that represent the 'Midget Bull Tahrs' and train and develop for these tournaments throughout the season.

Student - all players over 18 and who are attending school, tertiary education or are undergoing an apprenticeship

Senior - all players over 18 years. Mid-week training and games, weekend tournaments including Erewhon Cup.

Social - all players over 18 years. Mid-week training and games only.  No weekend tournaments and excludes Erewhon Cup.



Training nights are Mondays and Wednesday throughout the season

U12 Kiwis, U12 Atoms, and U15 Peewees start at 5:30pm and finish at 6:30pm / 6:45pm (depending on ice groom)

U18 Midgets, U20 Juniors, Seniors & Social start at 6:50pm and finish at 8:00pm

On Wednesday game nights the puck will drop at 7pm!



U12, U15 & U18: Equipment is available for hire for the season - please place your order online.

Senior and Casual players:   Equipment is available - but cannot be hired for the season. First in first served!

Casual Players: Pay as you go, but you will not being counted as a Member of MIH